Formed in 1988 by an experienced group of senior Aikido practitioners, the British Ki Aikido Association (BKAA) is an open association for the development and promotion of Aikido, welcoming practitioners from any similar style.

 Our vision is to

Promote and develop the benefits of



The BKAA is a non-profit making body. It is regarded as an 'unincorporated association' .

As such, our fees are kept to a minimum.  The BKAA aims to provide high level instruction at low cost.

The BKAA is non-competitive. There are no tournaments and no badges - we all work together, training in a friendly, welcoming and productive atmosphere.



The BKAA in insured through the 'Amateur Martial Association'

169 Cotswold Crescent,
Walshaw Park

web www.amauk.co.uk

We follow their policies and regulations