The British Ki-Aikido has existed for over 30 years!

Aikido was first brought to the U.K by Master' Kenshiro Abbe' in 1955.
Master Abbe was a direct student of the Aikido founder and also a Budo master of several other martial arts.

Master Abbe taught at dojo's around London, his top student being Kenneth Wlliams.
In 1964 Master Abbe returned to Japan and Sensei Williams started his own Aikido organisation.

At this time in Japan Master 'Koichi Tohei' was a greatly respected teacher.
He was the chief instructor under the founder, his Aikido was based on the core principle of Ki.
Sensei Williams joined with Master Tohei and accepted Ki-Aikido as the principle of his organisation.

Sensei David Currie is the founder of the BKAA.

He started his martial arts career as a child practising Judo from the age of 10 years old.
At the age of 12 he became a 'live in' student (uchi deshi) for Aikido Sensei Williams.
Studying daily with Sensei Williams  and various other masters invited from Japan.
Sensei Currie's talent was recognised and at 15 he started teaching classes.

With the new emphasis on Ki-Aikido Sensei Currie moved to Japan for an extended stay to study under Koichi Tohei.

On his return to the U.K. Sensei Currie felt that the traditional teaching methods (learning by rote) were not ideal for the European way of thinking.
He felt that the essence of Aikido teaching could be still be passed on efficiently to Europeans who had no previous exposure to Japanese culture.

In 1988 the BKAA was formed by Sensei David Currie and his senior students for the exploration and development of KI-Aikido in Britain.

The first classes were held in the Finsbury Leisure Centre, Central London.
Eventually the organisation took residence at the leisure centre's disused squash courts behind 'Ironmonger Row' bath house.

This became our headquarters and full-time dojo (no longer in operation).

Many students trained for decades at this Finsbury dojo.
As is normal, in time many moved away from London due to work and family commitments.

Some wishing to carry on with their practice of Ki-Aikido started their own branch dojos all over England.

In 2007 Sensei David Currie retired from the position of 'Chief Instructor'.
He handed this position to a Senior student Phillipe Girade (6th Dan).

The current Chief Instructor is James O'Donell (6th Dan) a fellow senior student of David Currie.

Sensei James looks to take the BKAA into the future.

There are many dojos all over England which you are welcome to join.
Search our dojo list for your nearest branch.

Note: The Finsbury dojo was knocked down in 2009. The building housing this dojo has now been replaced by property developers.