Aikido  合氣道 The Martial Art practice of combining your energy with your opponents
Aikidoka   Someone who studies Aikido
Ki  気 Energy / Spirit
Sensei  先生 Teacher
Keikogi  稽古着 Practice Suit
Hakama   袴 Split skirt lower garment worn by Dan grades
Dojo  道場 A training hall
Tori   The person performing the Aikido technique
Nage  投げ A throw (or the person performing a throw)
Uke  受け The person to whom the Aikido technique is performed upon
Kyu  教 The first grades in Aikido. There are six Kyu grade
Dan  段 The senior grades in Aikido. The black belts
Te  手 Hand
Kote  小手 Wrist
Ikkyo  一教 The first technique
Nikkyo  二教 The second technique
Sankyo  三教 The third technique
Yonkyo   四教 The fourth technique
Shihonage  四方投げ Four direction throw
Kokyunage  呼吸投げ Breath/Timing throw
Tenchinage  天地投げ Heaven and earth throw
Kaiten-nage  回転投げ Rotation throw
Mune-tsuki  胸突き Punch/poke to the solar plexus
Shomen-uchi  正面打ち Strike to the top of the head
Yokomen-uchi  横面打ち Strike to the side of the head
Kata Tori   Same side grab to the shoulder
Kata Te Tori   Same side grab to the wrist
Kata To Kosa Tori   Crossed side grab to the wrist
Irimi  入り身 Enter your opponents space
Tenkan  転換 Turn
Ichi   一 One
Ni  二 Two
San  三 Three
Shi (Yon)  四 Four
Go  五 Five
Roku  六 Six
Shichi (Nana)  七 Seven
Hachi  八 Eight
Kyu  九 Nine
Jyu  十 Ten
Hajime   Start
Yame Stop
Mokoso   Begin meditation
Suwatte   Sit down
Tatte   Stand up
Mawatte Turn around
 Rei    Bow
 Sensei ni rei    Bow to sensei
 Otagai ni rei    Bow to each other