Swindon - Dojo
Dave Powell, Roger Pendleton, Derek Tudball
The Haydon Centre,
Haydon Wick,

SN25 1QQ
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Dave Powell 01793 721962, Roger Pendleton 01793 881280, Derek Tudball 01793 420341
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Club Information:

Welcome to the Swindon Ki Aikido Dojo

We train every Monday and Thursday (except bank holidays) from 8pm to 10pm

All are welcome so please feel free to turn up and give Aikido a try, your first session is free of charge and you don't need any special equipment or clothing to begin with.

Just wear loose fitting clothes, track suit trousers and a T-shirt are ideal.

If you decide to continue training you will need to purchase a Gi (training suit), a Bokken (wooden sword), Jo (wooden staff) and a Tanto (wooden dagger).

These are all fairly inexpensive and we can advise you of the best places to buy them.

However, you can train for a while without them until you have decided if Aikido is for you.