Colchester Essex - Dojo
Frank Walser and Andrew Adams
Wilson Marriage Centre,
Barrack Street,
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Club Information:

The Colchester Ki-Aikido Club has provided teaching and training facilities for aspiring local martial artists for some 20 years. Founded by Maurice and Eileen Sheehan, the club is now in it's second generation of teachers with a combined experience of 60 years on the mat.

Aikido is a neutralisation art which takes advantage of an attacker's own force to drive the technique but results in no harm to either attacker or attacked.

When performed at its best it is fluid, controlled, beautiful and highly effective.

Ki-Aikido is a form which emphasises the cultivation of Ki (mind) and softness in developing good techniques.

As a study it is both never-ending and highly rewarding.

Our dojo prides itself on providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

We are happy to introduce anyone to Aikido who is interested in learning. Lessons are challenging but, first and foremost, are social and fun.

For further information or to answer any questions you have please follow the links to contact either Frank Walser or Andrew Adams.


Please note that, for 30 weeks of the year, during term time, the Colchester dojo is run as part of the Colchester Adult Community College.

Therefore, please contact the instructor before arriving.